On March 25th The Sunday Mail published a front-page story about doctors overcharging for their services – the result of a NewsCorp investigation. In some cases uncovered by the investigation, doctors are charging over 10 times the rate recommended by the AMA.

We’re proud to know many doctors in Australia who would never go down the path of such greed.

We know doctors who will sleep in the operating theatre on the floor in order to be as close as possible to the patient needing their care and doctors who will choose every time to bulk bill a patient who they know is in financial distress.

From our hometown of Adelaide, Dr. James Muecke received an ‘Outstanding service to the prevention of blindness’ award from the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology in 2011. Dr. Muecke works with 500,000 patients across eight countries in Asia each year, making a profound impact on the lives of these individuals and their families, and are helping to alleviate poverty in their communities.

In Chicago, Dr. Daniel Ivankovich “takes care of everybody, regardless of insurance and without prejudice. Every day we are in the operating room, we never turn away a patient. Oftentimes they have been refused by other doctors. It’s heartbreaking when you hear the struggle that the patients have to go through for the basic medical care”, he says in this interview with CNN.

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We expect the same standard from the doctors we work with overseas. At Medical Travel Australia we vet each doctor, surgeon, and institution we work with and ensure that the quality of the service is at the same level, or above, that of the Australian medical system.

Further, we make sure that you are supported throughout the process. The decision to go overseas for a holiday is not always easy – let alone going for an operation or medical procedure. We understand this, and that’s why our clients are never on their own. We are the last person you see before you enter the operating theatre, and the first person you see when you are returned to your room for recovery. Some of the most popular services are cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, liposuction, dental veneers and dental crowns, with popular destinations including Thailand and Malaysia.

We are also committed to ensuring there is no unnecessary financial burden on our clients. There are no hidden costs – you will be charged whatever the internet-advertised price is. In most cases, our clients save up to 70% of the price they would pay elsewhere.

No overcharging and no shoddy practice. This is the standard we uphold for you, in partnership with medical professionals in Australia and overseas.

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