Appropriate compression and support reduces the risk of hematomas, lymphedema, seromas and skin unevenness, while other benefits include:

  • accelerated healing
  • Cohesive properties that keep surgical dressings in place until they’re removed
  • effective healing of surgery incisions
  • improved blood circulation and reduction in fluid accumulation
  • minimised swelling, post procedure
  • Rids the body of potentially harmful fluids
  • skin adhesion to newly contoured areas

Wearing a garment that isn’t specifically designed for a cosmetic or medical procedure (such as girdles, athletic shorts and bras) can unnecessarily:

  • increase the possibility of fluid accumulation under the dermal layer
  • increased discomfort
  • prolong your recovery time
  • promote swelling, causing tapes, sutures, staples or other fastenings to break or dislocate
    It’s imperative that your compression garment(s) are designed with comfort, durability and hygiene in mind as you may be required to wear them for up to 23 hours per day. Pending the advice of your surgeon and your procedure(s), you may have to wear yours during both stage one (one to two weeks, post-op) and stage two (two to eights weeks, post-op) of your recovery.
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