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Dental Surgery (Dental Prosthetics)

A dental surgery is a surgery involving dentition or the development of the teeth in their composition inside the mouth. Dental prosthetics are required to those have problems with dental care and oral health such as cavities, gum diseases, tooth crowding, root infection, and tooth injury or loss.

Our teeth are one of the few exposed bones that require a lifetime of ongoing care and maintenance. Whether it be a simple clean up, whitening or filling, or perhaps a crown, implant and extraction, the reasons for dental care are varied and include:

  • oral and general health
  • maintaining diet
  • aesthetic appearance
  • repair an injury or loss
Dental Crowns

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About the Procedure
Most procedures may easily be completed over a short period in the chair. However major surgery may require a general anesthetic and recovery period.

After the Procedure
In most cases you will be able to see immediate results following the procedure with minimal recovery time varying from a few hours to a couple of days.

Although rare, all dental procedures may encounter complications. This may include:
– infection
– reaction to the anesthesia

Side Effects
May include:
– pain or tenderness
– temporary numbness or bleeding

In most cases you will be able to continue eating as your normally did within a few hours. In the case of a major procedure, such as implants or extraction, you may require a few days of recovery before retuning to regular life.

Cost for dental procedures varies depending on the type of procedure undertaken, however you can expect to save 50% or more compared to domestic dental.

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