Are surgeons qualified?

The surgeons are well experienced in the field, they are board certified and members of the International
Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). You can check their profiles in our website.

Does AMT arrange flights and accommodation?

Yes, we will provide you with a complete package including flights and accommodation. Working with our
partners at Flight Centre we can arrange the best quotes/deals for your requested travel dates.

Is Thailand a good option?

Thailand has become one of the world leaders in the field of cosmetic surgery and dental treatments. Thailand has long been accustomed to receiving foreign travelers. In the big cities, English is widely understood everywhere, especially in private medical facilities. Highly skilled plastic surgeons and doctors can improve your look as what you like by using the latest techniques and technology. Thailand was the first Asian country to achieve prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation in 2002.

Another major factor is that Thailand is well-known as a Land of Smiles and world-famous holiday destination
due to natural beauty, culture, wonderful people, warm weather and delicious healthy food. The place is a
natural fit for both pre & post treatments, relaxation and recovery.

Why is Thailand so cheaper?

The Thailand healthcare system is advanced and affordable. In Thailand, some procedures can end up saving
you up to 50-70% off the price you would pay in the US, UK or Australia. And the hospitals have made the
latest advances in technology and patient care. The hospitals in Thailand do set up surgery package prices
inclusive of all costs; doctor fee, surgery fee, nursing service fee, accommodation in hospital and necessary medication. As the surgery package and dental treatment price is really cost effective you will have more of a budget to pay for the cost of your round trip, comfortable accommodation, tours, shopping, etc.

What is the difference between an appointment and surgery confirmation?

An appointment is the time where you get to meet the surgeon for consultation. This is your chance to discuss with our surgeon what your concerns are and what results you expect to have after the surgery. This is also the time where the surgeon will do a physical examination and give his recommendations as to the most suitable procedure for you. On the other hand, surgery confirmation is the date set for your surgery. This is the day that you will be admitted to the hospital. An appointment and surgery confirmation can be scheduled on the same day.

What is the required stay for surgery/recovery?

The minimum duration of stay required, depends on the procedure you are requesting. It usually ranges from
around 9 – 14 days. In some cases for multiple procedures there may be ones who need to stay for 16 + days.

Online Assessment

Australian Medical Travel has successfully been sending Australian to Thailand since 2005; This is why we are the #1 Medical Tourism Agency in Australia.

First contact our informative staff for detailed costs and information on your procedure. Next take photographs and have a No Obligation quote and recommendations from your choice of a surgeon in Phuket, Bangkok or both.

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