The Facility

The Australian Medical Council sets high clinical standards that are guided rigorously, providing comprehensive, safe and high quality medical care across Australia

The Tourism

Discover Australia’s vibrant cities and their unique attractions and why ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’.

Experience the creativity of Australia’s food and wine culture that helps us produce fresh and innovative flavours and wines that are the envy of the world.

Australia is home to a wonderful mix of cultures from all over the world. We celebrate our multicultural diversity with enthusiasm and passion.

The Accommodation

Relax and recover after surgery in complete privacy where you find rest and recreation for body and soul.

Not only will you enjoy the way you look after your procedure, but you will feel more relaxed and rested after recovering in your hotel where restaurants, parklands and wine regions are also within easy reach

Online Assessment

Australian Medical Travel has successfully been sending Australian to Thailand since 2005; This is why we are the #1 Medical Tourism Agency in Australia.

First contact our informative staff for detailed costs and information on your procedure. Next take photographs and have a No Obligation quote and recommendations from your choice of a surgeon in Phuket, Bangkok or both.

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