As Christmas approaches, we all prepare ourselves for the epic food consumption that is inevitably going to happen… brace yourself for the food coma!!

But in all seriousness, can the food we eat affect our smile? Well, the short answer is YES! We already know just how much our teeth are affected by smoke for example (and red wine of course) but even regular foods can have a positive or negative affect on our teeth and its appearance.

Foods that increase saliva production help wash food off your teeth as well as neutralize the acids produced by foods as you chew them — acids that can erode tooth enamel and contribute totooth decay. Those foods include sugar-free gum and drinks, cheese, and milk. That’s right – cheese! Bring on the cheese and crackers at your Christmas tables!

Preventing gum disease is also crucial for keeping your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful. So avoid sugar foods, drinks and cakes (sadly, yes cakes) – where possible, the more we avoid sugar, the better it is for our teeth! All things in good balance, as always. And don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly – after each meal if possible or at least morning and evening.

So let’s take care of those strong teeth and make sure we always have a bright, shiny smile this Christmas.

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