Cosmetic Surgery is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of a physical body feature and it’s one of the most used procedures that brought some people to their success, just like the celebrities. But cosmetic surgery is not all about being attractive, and here’s why.

My Experience in Sweden

Last month, I visited my family in Sweden I bought a bag with pictures of different characters in the movie ‘Frozen’ for a little girl. She is just learning to speak but she knows the names of each makeup items in her bag, I was impressed.

Looking at her just made me think of some mornings where my daughter spends an hour doing her makeup and another 30 min finding the right outfit just to work from her home office. She says it changes the path of her productivity. When she feels beautiful she becomes more productive.

The idea of beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. From the word itself cosmetic, it just means to beautify. But then, different people have different ideas to define beauty. And so why so many people are turning to cosmetic surgery?

Some Reasons Why People Choose Cosmetic Surgery

People turn to cosmetic surgery to enhance their attractiveness or the attractiveness of a certain part of the body. They might have undergone a facelift, Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery), breast augmentation, eyebrow lift, liposuction and other popular cosmetic surgeries. Some people also take their cosmetic journey to other countries for a better cosmetic surgery experience.

Dental and cosmetic dental surgery is another reason medical tourism in Thailand is booming in some cases 70%less than if the procedure is done elsewhere.

While some people are going through cosmetic surgery to simply to enhance beauty, others may have had accidents, birth defects, illness or wounds that disfigured a part of their body, affecting not just their physical appearance but their emotions as well.

People may have unrealistic body image and often unrealistic expectations of cosmetic surgery results. Cosmetic surgery is so readily available and has even become reality television topics where plastic surgeons, in Thailand for example, make sure candidates have reasonable expectations and realistic needs before taking them on. Even the cosmetic surgeons don’t just take any client that knocks on the door.

Cosmetic Surgery is Not All About Being Attractive

A study in Applied Financial Economics 2012 found that attractive real estate agents were able to sell same property at the higher price than those who were not perceived attractive. Improving physical appearance isn’t just about beauty. In reality, it’s about building confidence. It’s about taking time and expense to give your body the confidence it deserves.

Cosmetic surgery can improve physical health. Breast Reduction, for example, can improve not just disproportionally large breast but releases your body from the stress of back pain. For those people with proportionally distorted teeth, they now have a chance of eating the food of their choice, or most especially in giving the best smiles.

Cosmetic surgery also has mental health benefits such as reduction in social anxiety. Women who had a double mastectomy after treatment of cancer can benefit from breast implants. This gives them the feeling of power and control over their lives, making them feel more confident at work, and improve their overall being.

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