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-Dalai Lama


Miss Monique Mason “Everyone was so friendly, kind and very efficient, when I started to feel nervous, the nurses and doctor were at my side and calming me down and cheering me up. A massive thank you to everyone.”

Miss Doris Greber “My journey as a patient from beginning to end has been amazing and all made possible thanks to Vesna from my first request for an appointment right through completing all my arrangements up to meeting on my final appointment day. I am 100% totally satisfied with my whole experience and would not hesitate to return as a patient or recommend your service to others. I will be forever grateful .. thank you Vesna”

Mr Kevin Gudmundsen “I wanted to thank you for your excellent and kind care while I was there. I was very grateful for doctors knowledge and experience with this condition As I spent more time with you I realized you knew exactly what to do and what would happen. I cannot thank you enough for your expertise.”

Miss Sally Johnson “The moment we arrived at the airport, I was in safe hands. AMT had done a wonderful job organizing our trip and working closely with doctors so they could recommend the best procedure for me. As soon as we arrived, I was given a thorough check up before being taken to our room. The room and hospital facilities were wonderful, and the medical staff were always there when I needed help. This was really important because I had a breast lift, which is reconstructive surgery, as well as a breast augmentation in the one operation. When I met with my doctor before the operation, we talked thoroughly about the appearance of my new breasts (I wanted my breasts to look natural), what the operation would involve, and what would happen after the operation, particularly what I needed to do (and shouldn’t do) until I saw him the following week. During that week and when I got home I diligently followed his advice, which meant my recovery went smoothly. It has now been two months since my breast augmentation and lift. Because of doctors expertise, the caring nurses, and AMT’s excellent organizational skills, I am very happy with the new, more natural me. Previously, I was woman with no cleavage who had one breast lower than the other and the other breast small than the other. Thank you”

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