The Capital of collaboration

Collaboration is a core value for us at Australian Medical Travel, and it’s no coincidence that we were founded and are proudly based in Adelaide, which has a reputation for co-operation and community.

With all the changes that the health industry is currently undergoing, the business sector is watching closely. And they’re singing the praises of Adelaide.

A recent NAB report on ‘the trends reshaping health’ highlighted partnerships as one of these trends and noted that our city is already doing it particularly well, with strong links between government, industry, research, NGOs. The local health system driving health outcomes forward in an ageing and diverse population. In their words: “these partnerships in Adelaide are the type of innovation that will lead the health sector through the challenges to come”.

The NAB report also notes that Adelaide’s strong partnerships serve as “a bridge to partner organisations and companies interstate and overseas”.

The age of medical collaboration

Partnerships are also growing in national importance. Australia is now home to the world-leading Zero Childhood Cancer initiative which is a collaboration between the Commonwealth Government, the Children’s Cancer Institute and research institutes in all states.

Zero Childhood Cancer joins the Eliminate Cancer Initiative that brings together government, philanthropic, and academic organisations with the intention of catalysing a global movement to eradicate cancer. It includes a $400 million donation by Australian mining magnate Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest.

In today’s competitive market companies are looking for Return On Investment (ROI) more than ever. We agree with the Queensland Council of Social Service that collaboration boosts ROI. As they note, the benefits of collaboration include:

  • greater efficiency
  • resource sharing
  • improved co-ordination and pathways through the system
  • a holistic approach to meeting client needs
  • increased organisational knowledge and improved service system capability
  • access to up-to-date information, new ideas, and strategic thinking

A Better Patients Experience through collaboration

When a good patient outcome is at the forefront of the minds of each player in the health business, collaboration increases our capacity to deliver that outcome.

For Australian Medical Travel outcomes include cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, liposuction, dental veneers and dental crowns; and are arranged in Australia, Malaysia, and Thailand. And we think there is no greater return on investment than an outcome the patient is completely happy with, that brings them greater wellbeing and improves their quality of life.

To get there, we collaborate consistently with our associates – from Adelaide to Asia.

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