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Adam’s Apple Reduction (Tracheal Shave)

Adam’s Apple Reduction, technically known as Tracheal Shave, is a surgery that reduces the size or contouring the thyroid cartilage by shaving the cartilage and creating an incision in the throat, the area where lies the adam’s apple (also called laryngeal prominence), in order to bring about a more feminine appearance in the face.

Who is a good candidate?

The candidates for Adam’s Apple Reduction are men wanting a more feminine (smoother) looking neck.


Your surgeon will perform diagnostic examinations and/or laboratory investigations prior to hospital admission and surgery. This is to ensure that you are fit for surgery. This is in line with standard hospital procedure.


How the Procedure is Performed

Local anesthesia is administered. The incision is usually 2-3cm in length and made at the highest crease in the skin on the neck. The thyroid cartilage is reduced, usually by carving at the most obvious area and the rim of its largest border. This process of cartilage carving is a delicate process and must be performed thoroughly. The procedure is 30mins-1 hour in duration.

Limitation’s and Risks

There is risk in all-surgical procedures and it is important that you are aware of the risks involved in your procedure before going ahead with the surgery. During your appointments you should discuss any concerns with your surgeon and not be afraid to ask questions. Your surgery will be unable to proceed unless you sign a pre-surgery consent form.

It is your obligation to advise your surgeon of any important medical information that could affect your surgery and/or increase your levels of risk. The type of medical information that you should disclose includes medical complications, previous surgeries, current and recent medications and family disease.

A risk in this procedure is of shaving too much cartilage and affecting the vocal chords that are situated behind the trachea. This can permanently affect the voice.

Side Effects

Some hoarseness may occur, but this will clear up immediately as the swelling fades. Applying an ice compress to the neck for 24 hours will reduce this side effect.

Recovery Time

You should avoid mistreating your voice (e.g. singing and shouting) for 2 weeks following surgery. Recovery will take at minimum, 1-2 days. Most patients are not required to stay overnight in hospital.

Note: This information acts as a guide to your possible treatment. Your individual concerns and specific medical history will need to be shared and discussed with your surgeon during your initial consultation.

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